Motivational Blog Post (Happy New Year)

Motivational New Year :- Every year it’s the same game: At New Year we make good resolutions – and forget quickly. What is not everything on our list: less stress, more exercise, stop smoking, a healthier diet and more time for family and friends. But why are we trying, again and again, the beginning of a happy new year revamp our lives? And why will fail so pleasing regularity?
Many fail simply because they formulate their goals vaguely.

“In the new year lose a few pounds, such a wishy-washy decision on a gut level generally goes wrong,” says Eighties. it, to think exactly when and how this should be done is important. “This is fundamental and increases the success rate.” the possibility honesty is important towards themselves: How much bother me the pounds too much really? Can I live with them perhaps? Who it still is aware, the aggregated on New Year’s goal in doubt loses quickly out of sight.

Experts like Schlicht also to grasp the once intended target in clear words and write rates. “Thus the feeling of inner commitment increases,” says health psychologist. A small note on the fridge appealed to the bad conscience and can so remember that you actually wanted to move today. A note on Naschschrank helps recall to mind that you should avoid the chocolate better. are helpful, according to the psychologists also diaries, where successes and failures are recorded.

Another pitfall: “Some people set goals to high, or want too much at once,” says Kröger. Engaging to five kilos remove , to let off during the week on the TV and on kicking the habit, can thus indeed off to your friends. Really successful he is not likely. “Sit down a goal that you are not overwhelmed,” advises simplicity. Who had moved so far little, must not have the same marathon in sight. A longer, brisk walk is a good start.

Failures should also be scheduled with. “The road is certainly bumpy,” says health psychology Kröger. it was helpful because, already thinking ahead setbacks – and to prepare for an emergency. “So I can set, for example, that I call a friend when I reach back for a cigarette.” Rise to a great birthday party, had predicted that this thwarted the weightloss plan says Schlicht. He advises, easy to deal with such setbacks and frustrated not to bury the same all plans: “Violations must allow itself of the world does not go under.”

It is however important to hold on to even broader plans. It helps friends with integrate and to inform them about the objectives. “So many feel equally strongly committed,” says motivational psychologist eighties. it is also useful to look for like-minded people. To grab this thing we need Mini Militia Mod version to get The success of slimming groups like Weight Watchers documents it says Kröger. Not to forget: Reward yourself for small successes! This soothes the soul, makes for moments of happiness and motivated to pursue his goal on.

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