Hotmail Alternatives: The Best Email Services for 2021

Email is the most popular form of communication in the world. Nearly two and a half billion people use email every day. It’s not surprising that Microsoft has dominated this market, controlling over 70% of it for years. But with Google taking control of G-mail and Yahoo Mail, there are now more options than ever — some worthy alternatives to Hotmail!

2021 Alternatives of Hotmail

This blog post will provide you with a list of six alternative email services to choose from. We’ll also review what they have to offer so you can make an informed decision about which service is best suited for your needs in 2021!

The Best Email Services for 2021

There are a lot of great email options for the future! We’ll share some more in another blog post, but if you’re looking to switch now, here’s a list of five alternatives that we recommend checking out below


Gmail is a tried and true email that has been around for quite some time. It’s one of the only options where you can access your account from any device, anywhere in the world – including mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

It’s also free, which is a huge plus in the modern age. Gmail allows you to send up to 15 GB of email per month for personal use, and if that isn’t enough there are storage options available as well. It offers many different features such as search filters, read receipts (yes!), spam protection, and more.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is a free email service that offers an array of features and convenience for all types of users. It’s so popular, Yahoo has more than 200 million active users worldwide in over 30 localized versions! Whether you want to send emails from your phone or tablet, use it on the web at work, or need help with

The new Yahoo Mail app is a simpler and more powerful email service. Check your inbox, send emails, manage attachments in one simple view.

Make the most of what you have by organizing all your messages into labels for quick access to conversations or specific topics. Label folders can be created with drag-and-drop gestures on any message.


ProtonMail is a free, open-source email service that has been developed and released by the team at Proton Technologies AG. The goal of the project is to provide an easy-to-use secure email service with end-to-end encryption that limits access to data solely to the user. It was one of several services offered

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a free email service offered by Zoho Corporation. It has all the features of an enterprise-grade mail system including calendaring, scheduling, team collaboration and social media integration for single sign in with Google, Twitter etc. Multiple providers like Dropbox or Box can be used to store attachments securely on cloud storage platforms. The mail interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.


Hushmail is an established, secure email service that offers both encryption and anonymity for its users. Hushmail was one of the first services to offer this type of security and has since been used by dissidents across the globe as a way to communicate with journalists without their identities being revealed or intercepted by oppressive regimes.

Since people want to communicate in private and without fear of their messages being intercepted or read by third parties, Hushmail has been instrumental in ensuring this type of communication.

How KODI’s iPA Works on Apple’s iOS 11 (iPhone)

Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) is a free and open-source software created specifically keeping home entertainment for the people in mind. Originally created for Microsoft’s XBOX, kodi has continued to rise and evolve, thus creating a community of its own.

Managed by the non-profit foundation XBMC, it is constantly being modified and adjusted by hundreds of coders around the globe for ease of use. Since its inception in 2003, it has been modified by more than 500 software developers and more than 200 translators.


What does Kodi do?

Turning any computer, tablet, or smartphone into a digital set-top box or a streaming device, Kodi gives its users the flexibility and ability to stream links and files from the internet. Kodi is designed to run on desktops and home servers which are connected to large TVs and it brings all the content to your living room giving you the ease and fun of streaming internet files from Hotmail.

Unlike other streamers like the Apple TV, Chromecast, or the Amazon Fire TV stick, Kodi enjoys the flexibility of not being limited by licensing or some app store. This feature allows the user to download a big range of community-made apps, videos and allows the user to watch whatever they wish to. With the purpose-built user interface, browsing in kodi is simple.

The kodi software includes what its developers have termed a “10-foot UI” meaning that it can be seen or read from the distance of up to 10 feet away. With regards to a range of built-in codes, users can browse photos and videos quickly and easily. If the user is using a smaller device, they can connect the software to a larger TV and enjoy the features.

Now, I will discuss the ways to install it on your device with iOS 11:-

With the introduction of iOS 11, Apple has discontinued the support for 32-bit apps. All the users having problems with kodi in iOS 11 may still be running the 32-bit version. So now you need to install the 64-bit version which is a bit difficult but I will help you in installing it even if your device is not jailbroken. Although the Wikipedia page of Kodi guides you through the way to install the new version here I will be discussing an easy method for any user.

  • Firstly, install Cydia Impactor on your computer.
  • Then connect your iphone or iPad with iOS 11 to your computer.
  • Run the Cydia Impactor but not as an administrator.
  • Do make sure that your device is recognized by Cydia Impactor.
  • Drag and drop the 64-bit version of Kodi which you can download from Google.
  • After this, Cydia will ask for your Apple ID and begin installing Kodi.
  • After it’s done, run it and you are good to go.
  • After Installing, Open wifi setting and enter the hostname of email.

This is the best and easiest way to run the new 64-bit version of Kodi on your device with iOS 11 without jailbreak. It may not be like downloading apps from the app store but still is pretty easy.

Zapya App is Now Available on PC and Laptop

Do you remember a day where transferring a file of 1GB in size from one device to another via Bluetooth or any means of transfer is a huge mess and time taking? However, nowadays some apps such as Shareit, Xender, etc use your device’s Wi-Fi and transfer the file from one device to another easily.


But, Zapya for PC uses a different technology and doesn’t require any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to transfer your files. Many would-be figuring out about how it works. With this technology, this app used to work on iOS also and some applications like tutu helper are still giving its old versions to iOS users without any charges, Zapya for PC has been downloaded by many people all over the world and quickly became one of the best services to transfer files. Therefore, here we list some of the features offered by Zapya for PC and installation procedures.

Zapya Amazing Features:- Zapya is one of the intrusive applications, which has tons of features embedded in it. Here we list some of them.

  • In technical words, Zapya for PC is defined as a self-contained file sharing service, which transfers your files from one device to another with ease.
  • You can transfer your files to any device irrespective of your connection type. You can even transfer your files when you are not connected to Wi-Fi to Bluetooth because some of the apps majorly use Wi-Fi as their source to transfer the files.
  • Zapya for PC offers you to transfer files from your PC to any device such as Android, iOS, and other PC running Windows 8/Win 8.1/Win 7.
  • Zapya for PC allows you to transfer files of any type. You can transfer files such as media, which includes photos, movies, videos, etc. In addition, you can transfer applications and .exe files, documents such as docs, pdf, and other files.
  • In the app, you will get bookmarks from Gmail, Hotmail Logga in, Zapya &, etc.
  • There is also a feature with which you can share files with people in-group. You can share files of any kind of up to five people at a time.

That said, these are some of the features offered by Zapya for PC, and let us now guide you through the installation procedure.

How to install Zapya for PC:

The first thing before you begin with the installation procedure is that, make sure that your PC is running Windows 8.1 or Win 8 or Win 7, or Win XP, which is very important for Zapya as it only works with these versions of Windows. If you are sure that your PC is running these versions of Windows, just simply head over to installation steps:

  • All you need, to begin with, is by opening your browser. We recommend you to use Google Chrome as you might face some issues with Firefox and other browsers.
  • After opening up the browser, enter the URL: login & find drive downloader.
  • Once the files finish downloading, double-click on it to open the installer.
  • Now, accept all the terms and conditions and follow on-screen instructions and hit enter to install the file.
  • After the installation commences, you are good to play with Zapya for PC.

Conclusion: One thing we do not like with Zapya is that it will not support other operating systems other than Windows, which is a bit of let down. If you face any difficulties while installing Zapya for PC, let us know in comments, we will definitely help you.